Training at SUDHAUS - an investment in the future

We at SUDHAUS take great care to pass our knowledge on to our future generations, while also further developed. Both sides benefit from our partnerships with three secondary schools in Iserlohn - students as well as the company. The young people get so early an insight into the world of work with various professional fields. Happy SUDHAUS also offers internships to help the students in their choice of appropriate profession. We are proud of our above-average training rate of 10 percent.

SiegelSUDHAUS training in the following professions:

  • Toolmaker
  • Process Technician for Plastic and Rubber Technology
  • Electronic Technician for Technical Equipement and Installation
  • Machine and Plant Operator

Particularly proud SUDHAUS is Germany's on the honor of three of our trainees as a toolmaker after their apprenticeship with the best result in each case in North Rhine-Westphalia and again.

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Ausbildung bei SUDHAUS